3Shape TRIOS® Scanner:
more than a simple digital impression

Innovation sans fil

Wireless innovation for more comfort and ease.
The world’s first intra oral scanner to offer wireless configuration, allowing you to scan without the hassle of wires. You can now scan and while optimizing your patients’ comfort.

Couleurs réelles

Real colors, shade matching for better patient involvement. Create high-quality digital impressions in real colors, and match shades to assess treatment and engage with constructive dialogue with the patient.

excellente précision

The razor sharp accuracy of 3Shape TRIOS® is backed by solid scientific data.

18 independent studies report a statistically higher precision of TRIOS, compared to conventional impressions or impressions made with the other intra oral scanner, whether single-unit, multi-unit or complete restorations.

Technologie AI

AI technology scan for simpler scanning, a scan that eliminates unnecessary soft tissue.

3Shape TRIOS 3 Basic

Entry-level intra oral scanning solutions. The basic 3Shape TRIOS 3 intra oral scanner lets you scan your impressions for a digital stream.

3Shape TRIOS 3

Lets you go beyond the scan, the 3Shape TRIOS 3 scanner opens the door to patient communication software.

3Shape TRIOS 4

To go beyond the treatment, the 3Shape TRIOS 4 intra oral scanner helps in preventive care.
The powerful batteries in its smart tips let you scan more quickly and for longer.

Digital 3D scan nozzle

Infrared scan nozzle (sold in packs of 3)

Vue 3D pour plus de précision

3D view

Empreinte couleur et prise de teinte

Color printing & shade matching (2D)

détection carrie

Helps detect surface caries lesions

carrie_ interproximales

Helps detect bitewing caries lesions

Color 3D scan

White light

Detection of surface caries lesions

Fluorescent light

Detection of bacterial concentration

Detection of bitewing caries lesions

Infrared light by transillumination

Reveals bitewing caries lesions

Which scanner is right for me?

Step 1.

Choose your scanner

Step 2.

Choose your connection

Step 3.

Choose your configuration

Scanner generation433
Scanner characteristicsWirelessn.d.
AI Scan
3Shape Precision
Real colors and shade matching
Smart tipsn.d.n.d.
Helps diagnose caries lesions*n.d.n.d.
Software and applicationTRIOS Patient MonitoringUpgrade to TRIOS 3
TRIOS Treatment Simulator Upgrade to TRIOS 3
Smile DesignUpgrade to TRIOS 3
TRIOS Patient Specific MotionUpgrade to TRIOS 3
Applications for dental practice manufactureComplementary optionComplementary optionComplementary option
*The TRIOS Diagnostic Aid launch of the solution to help detect bitewing caries lesions is planned for end 2019.


• Easily transportable
• Light
• USB connection

3Shape Move +

• All-in-one
• 15.6’ HD touch screen
• Mobile
• Adjustable height and angles
• Lets you involve the patient
• Easily export images with the USB port*