Obi Ø 2.7,
mini ball abutment dental implants

The OBI implant is a Ø 2.7mm dental implant indicated for stabilizing removable prostheses, fine crests or reduced mesiodistal spaces, on the mandibular or maxillary arch, as well as for support of a provisional prothesis. Quick placement with a restricted surgical protocol – you only need a single drill. Even if it’s small, it has the same characteristics and thus the same guarantees of reliability than our traditional implants.

Indications for use

  • Stabilization of removable prosthesis

Smooth transmucosal neck dental implant

– Limits gingival handling.​
– Promotes gingival healing.​
– Machining grooves on the neck provide optimal attachment of the hemidesmosome.

Thread designed for great primary stability

Even distribution of chewing forces​
Excellent primary stability of the implant placement​
Reduced heating of the bone and insertion time

Non-traumatic apex

Its rounded ends provide non-traumatic progression.​
Reduced heating of the bone.​
Reduced insertion time.

STAE® tested surface quality

Titanium oxide micro-sandblasting​
Acid etching with nitric and hydrofluoric acid.​
27 years of clinical experience.

Place the implant directly in the mandrel

Save time during surgery​
Better visibility when placing the implant and guiding the connection​
Gingival height indicated

The dental implant case

Mini surgery kit

This case provides all the instruments needed for a surgical protocol and to manage all bone densities, or all lengths with the Aesthetica+² implant.​

  • Reduced size to gain more space in the sterile field and in the autoclave.​
  • Easier sequence legibility, since the instruments are placed in the order of use and the protocol table.​

Stop kit

Universal kit: can be used with all ranges of implants (only on stepped drills).

  • Pick up stops directly from a contra-angle
  • Color coding makes identifying stops simple, based on the diameter of the drill used.
  • 28 stops for short and long drill bits included in the case
  • Can be autoclave sterilized

Extraction kit: solutions for
dental prosthetic and implant removal

  • Removal of abutments stuck in the implant
  • Removal of broken screws in the implant
  • Removal of an implant

Extraction kits are available for all implant ranges.

1 – Removal of abutments stuck in the implant

The abutment extractor easily removes abutments without stressing the implant

2 – Removal of broken screws in the implant

A drilling guide and a carbide drill with a high-powered titanium cut creates a small opening in the remaining screw piece. You then insert a self-blocking extractor in the broken screw bit to unscrew it. You can then tap it to alter the implant thread, if it’s damaged.

3 – Removal of an implant

The implant can be unscrewed using a self-blocking extractor. The bone around the implant can be perforated using trepans adjusted to the diameter of the different implants.